The Benefits of Living in UK during Lockdown
Posted on : 01-07-2020
As a British citizen living near the coast during the lockdown, I count myself lucky. Many of my colleagues and friends are locked down in inner cities or in apartment buildings where there is limited outside space, often no gardens and no views of g..
UK Companies will Face Challenges After Lockdown
Posted on : 22-06-2020
    Living in the UK during these days of lockdown I often wonder what the British economy will look like after the lockdown is lifted. Being a small business owner and a UK taxpayer I have worked hard to build my company, paid the tax..
A Brief Introduction to the freight shipping
Posted on : 23-10-2019
Transportation of the goods in bulk via road, rail, ship or air is called freight.   In many commerce business operations, freight shipping is an integral part.   Basics will be covered in this article. So, exactly what the freight shi..